To promote the October 14 debut of the third season of its live action adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's The Walking Dead comic, AMC has released "Cold Storage," a new 4-part webisode series that chronicle the misfortunes of survivors on the periphery of the show's central storyline. That's right, instead of watching Carl getting lost, Lori demonstrating questionable driving skills and Shane looking angry/confused, viewers can catch the misadventures of a young man by the name of Chase as he seeks refuge from the undead in a storage facility full of secrets he may not survive. Although the standalone tale takes place before the events of the first two TWD seasons, fans will be able to spot a few nods to what they've seen on the series so far. Hit the jump to see all four of AMC's The Walking Dead "Cold Storage" webisodes in one place.