Fans of the instant-classic television series "Mad Men" may soon find another original show joining it on the American Movie Channel: The Image zombie comic "The Walking Dead." To clarify, the creator-owned zombie series by Robert Kirkman isn't just another zombie comic; it's THE zombie comic, and hell, even if you don't like zombies it's still worth a shot.

The story follows a band of survivors in the wake of a zombie plague, and what separates it from the other shambling horror fodder is that it isn't a story about zombies so much as it's a story about people, struggling to survive in the worst circumstances imaginable.

It's also a tale of endurance whose twists and turns are ideal for the serial format of television, and with Frank Darabont, the writer and director of "The Shawshank Redemption," poised to run the show if the deal goes through, "The Walking Dead" has the potential to be one of the greatest comics adaptations ever.