Fresh (or in the case of the zombies, ripe) from their initial preview at Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's The Walking Dead Minimates have received their retail marching orders. Come September the line's first assortment of two-packs will arrive in stores, pairing Rick with a Roamer, Tyrese with a Roamer, Andrea with a Lurker and a very literal pack featuring two Herd Zombies.The line seems to strike a nice design balance between the TWD comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard and its TV series adaptation on AMC. This isn't DST and Art Asylum's first zombie rodeo, with both Marvel Zombies figures, the Zombie Taxi Driver from Ghost Busters and toys from the Maximum Zombies awaiting more plastic ghoul brethren.

You can check out a larger image of some of the upcoming TWD Minimates below.

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[Via BBTS]

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