When MTV Splash Page broke that a board game based on The Walking Dead comic book was headed to retail this summer from Z-Man Games, I was pretty interested in seeing how the gameplay mechanic might work. Yesterday new images popped up on ICv2, but it turns out that while they were for a TWD board game, it was a different item entirely. It looks like in addition to the Z-Man Games TWD comic board game, a separate release based on AMC's TWD TV series is also on the way from Cryptozoic Entertainment. That's double the board gaming potential for fans of the zombie drama!Now, there's some obvious differences between the two titles that board game enthusiasts will want to know about. While both games will run $39.99 when they arrive in the fall, they seem like they could play as differently as the comic and TV show are experienced. Z-Man's version seems rooted in comics lore (judging from its box art) and is a 1-6 player game that pits players in the role of uninfected humans. Cryptozoic's newly announced version seems very much rooted in AMC's TWD TV series and is a 1-4 player game that puts both human and zombie options on the proverbial table.

There'll likely be a number of much more prominent differences between the games once Z-Man reveals more images down the road, but for now it's just nice to see Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's series getting so much gaming love. Between these two offerings and TellTale Games' upcoming TWD videogame, the series is all up in gamerkind's collective face.

See images of Cryptozoic's upcoming TWD game below:

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