Following five months of teasers, Eyes Wide Games' video game take on AMC's The Walking Dead TV series has opened its doors to the throngs of Facebook. The Walking Dead Social Game beta is now live on the social network, giving players a free chance to try out its brand of arguably cute survival horror. Opening as a prequel to the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's comic (which recently hit issue 100 in its own right), the game opens before protagonist Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find himself in a world overrun with the undead. Players go on to meet the other two thirds of the series' twisted love triangle -- Rick's former partner Shane and wife Lori -- and even encounter a recognizable Walker-to-be from the show. Along the meet-and-greet, however, is a fight for survival that sees players utilizing a number of weapons for combat, choosing when to flee and hide, as well as managing zombie-attracting noise.In an interview with IGN, Eyes Wide Games CEO Stephen Griffin broke down the game's pending story structure explaining that it would be divided into chapters. The first chapter is a prequel to the TV series, with following chapters dropping every few months that represent seasons of the show. The plan, essentially, is to release enough chapters to catch up with the show's season three debut on October 14 and go from there.

"Game play takes place in the gaps in between the episodes," Griffin told IGN. "All the stuff that you don't see. But we also have reenactment missions. So when something like the camp gets attacked at the quarry [happens], you can play through that. All that kind of stuff will happen outside of your character's narrative. We knew that fans would eventually want to play as Michonne and reenact some parts of the show."

You can take a look at AMC's trailer for The Walking Dead Social Game to see if it looks like your cup of brains, below.

[Via AMC]

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