While McFarlane Toys is usually quick to supply retailers with computer generated renders and prototype images of its The Walking Dead action figures, fans should be pleased to see that a slew of official photos for the TV series line's fifth wave have finally been released. Coming in February will be new action figure versions of Glenn, Maggie and Tyreese, plus an undead Merle Dixon and a Charred Walker.

Each of the 5" tall figures retails for roughly $15-17 a piece, although sites like Entertainment Earth are selling sets of all five figures for $69.99. A few things have changed between the first time these figures popped up online and now -- most notably that Gleen's rocking a lighter shirt and a seemingly modified alternate battle-damaged head. Everyone else seems armed as usual for the never-ending fight against becoming food.

Of the bunch, the Charred Walker probably wins for most unique accessory. A gas can might not be as edgy as a pistol or a hammer or a machete, but anyone who has ever found themselves stuck on the side of the highway on the way to work regretting their decision not to stop at QuickTrip or wherever will be able to relate.

Oh? It's for lighting zombies on fire? That's cool too.

If the TV line isn't quite your cup of TWD action figure tea, comic book fans seeking sculpts modeled after the art of Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard won't have to wait too much longer for McFarlane's third comic series wave of toys. It's not out until June or so, but there may just be proper sculpts on display at Toy Fair next month.

You can see McFarlane's official The Walking Dead TV Series 5 action figure images below.

[Via McFarlane Toys]