AMC's live action adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's The Walking Dead kicks off its third season on October 14, making next month a fine time for McFarlane Toys to release its second wave of 4-4.5" tall action figures. Based on the likenesses of the show's human actors and undead creations, the line includes new figures of Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, the Well Zombie, the Bicycle Girl Zombie and the RV Zombie. Rick is probably the most articulated and accessorized figure in the bunch sporting 14 points of articulation and toting a removable revolver, rifle and animal control stick. Shane, on the other hand, seems considerably less articulate (just like on the show!) and comes with a single-barrel shotgun. The zombie figures are primarily action feature-oriented to recreate their various grisly kills/second deaths. The Bicycle Girl figure reaches out menacingly, the Well Zombie falls apart to reveal "soft gooey guts" and the RV Zombie can be stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver. If you're not eating, you can totally scope select images of the upcoming figures after the jump.

Deputy Rick Grimes

Shane Walsh

Bicycle Girl Zombie

Well Zombie

RV Zombie

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