McFarlane Toys has apparently been busy working on its The Walking Dead action figure line. Just a month after unveiling its second wave of toys based on AMC's live action adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's comic series, preorder site Big Bad Toy Store has already posted prototype images of five more brand new figures from a third. The new figures are pretty much all of major players from the show's third season, which kicks off October 14, including Michonne and separate figures of her two Pet Zombies, Merle Dixon, and an Autopsy Zombie. All five figures are expected to arrive around March, in addition to special edition black and white (and red) three-pack of Michonne and her pets.

Michonne's probably the most impressive figure, sporting 24 points of articulation and coming packed with a removable poncho, katana sword and katana sheath. Merle's slightly less articulated, but fully armed with a prosthetic arm, optional bayonet, assault rifle, pistol and knife. Michonne's pets aren't very articulate considering their armless and jawless state, but serve as fine load-bearing monsters for their master's gear and former body parts when properly chained. The Autopsy Zombie is the most Spartan of the group, coming with a knife and removable shirt.

You can see all of the upcoming TWD action figure prototypes below:

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