X-Factor #23 coverPress Release

X-Factor Investigations faces dangers from all sides and in X-Factor #23, it's about to get worse for this team of private investigators! Written by the acclaimed Peter David and featuring the lush pencils of Pablo Raimondi, the penultimate chapter of "The Isolationist" answers the question on the minds of fans since last issue's shocking final page: is Layla Miller going to survive? Unfortunately for her, that answer hinges on the decision of a special guest-star who would like nothing more than to see her dead-and now it may happen! Meanwhile, the X-Men pay X-Factor a visit, but the last time they met it didn't end well. Why are the X-Men back? And what does it mean for X-Factor? One thing's for sure-it all leading up to this fall's massive Messiah Complex event!

This issue also includes the next thrilling chapter of the acclaimed Endangered Species storyline, as Beast seeks to keep mutantkind from disappearing. So when he enlists the aid of Forge and his futuristic technology, the Beast hopes to bring about a better future...but that may not be possible!

Luke Paton of SilverBulletComics.Com gushed that X-Factor is a, "a success from start to finish" and added, "Endangered Species itself is greatly enjoyable."

With sell-outs for every chapter of Endangered Species, Marvel advises retailers to check their orders on X-Factor #23 and upcoming Endangered Species tie-in issues. It's X-Men, X-Factor and possible X-tinction-all in X-Factor #23!

X-FACTOR #23 (JUL072196)
Written by Peter David
Pencils & Cover by Pablo Raimondi
Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC-8/23/07, On-Sale 9/12/-7

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