Last month Forbes announced plans to release The Zen of Steve Jobs, a 60-page graphic novel by writer Caleb Melby with art by creative agency JESS3. Now, in the shadow of the technology and design icon's passing, its story seems particularly relevant. Jobs' influence on sequential art may seem subtle, but both the number of Apple products used in comic book creation and the very real influence of iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad in kickstarting significantly more proactive digital distribution strategies from major publishers are clear indicators of an industry with at least a few of his fingerprints on it. Indeed, the majority of ComicsAlliance content is produced on Apple electronics. Take a look at pages from The Zen of Steve Jobs after the cut.The Zen of Steve Jobs serves as something of an origin story for the second phase of his career, digging into the time he spent with Kobun Chino Otogawa between leaving Apple and founding NeXT. Otogawa, a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist priest, played a notable role in Jobs' understanding of Japanese philosophy and design concepts during the mid '80s. In Forbes' preview pages, a time-hopping narrative demonstrates Otogawa's influence on Jobs -- specifically when it comes to ma, or negative space.

You can read select pages of The Zen of Steve Jobs, out later this fall, below:

(click image for the uncensored version)

[Via Forbes]

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