Toys: In Icons' $100 1/6th scale Steve Jobs action figure may be too eerie for your toy shelf. [Gizmodo]

Movies: A rumored new audio mix may make Bane easier to understand in The Dark Knight Rises. [Slashfilm]

Anime: Bandai Entertainment is ceasing production of its North American releases, which means new Gundam could be lost to us for some time. [Topless Robot]

Video: All you really need to know about NMA's latest animation is that it makes fun of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's "Brony" fanbase, which would hurt CA Senior Writer Chris Sims' feelings a bit... if he had any! [NMA]

Upcoming: Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol. 2 won't be released until closer to fall/winter of 2012, but fans can at least admire the cover for now. [Flog!]

Video: It turns out John Barrowman is pretty good at singing the Wonder Woman and Spider-Man live action tv series theme songs. [The Mary Sue]

Toys: Hot Toys will unveil its Iron Man Mk. 1 ver 2.0 sometime in the coming year. It's the best looking pile of scrap metal I've ever seen. [Tomopop]

Blankets: Hot Topic is currently has their Spider-Man, Superman and Wonder Woman wearable blankets on clearance if you're into that sort of snuggling. [HT]

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