Fans still have to wait until Friday to see Thor in the US, but gamers can go ahead and get an early taste of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston's voice acting (within the parameters of Matt Fraction's script, no less) now that Sega's multiple versions of Thor: God of Thunder have arrived in stores. Sega's released three new launch trailers for its PlayStation/Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii ports, all of which bring something different to the feast table visually. See which version(s) are up your Asgardian alley after the jump.Though each port of God of Thunder conveys Thor's monster-slaying adventures across the Nine Worlds in a different style, fans who own enough consoles to merit trying out each version of the game might find themselves doing some soul searching at their game store of choice. The graphics on the PS3/360 are clearly the champion, while the Wii version has a cartoony vibe and unlockable Thor comic costumes (plus Wiimote-swinging action). The DS game is also packed with split-screen scale and killer pixel art by the Contra 4 team. Options, man.

You know what? Why try to decide? Maybe I'll just go sell some plasma and get all three... If you need me I'll be eating lots of cookies, downing orange juice and trying not to pass out... For ASGARD!

See all three Thor: God of Thunder trailers below:

PlayStation 3/Xbox 360:

Nintendo DS:

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