Good news for Tom Hiddleston fans: Hot Toys has announced a 1/6 scale collectible figure of Loki from Thor: The Dark World in all its Hiddleston-y glory. As usual, the likeness and clothing looks spot-on -- like it was 3D printed by Dwarven blacksmiths (that's how they do it on movie Asgard, right?). This is the second version of the character from Hot Toys following a version from The Avengers movie, which has long since been in short supply or outright sold out.

The figure comes with Hot Toys' usual assortment of swappable hands, plus a new dagger. Oh, and manacles and chains. Technically Loki's always restrained because he's a dangerous trickster and these detailed toys are giving fans a way to recreate scenes from his cinematic appearances, but anyone who has logged onto Tumblr knows why Hot Toys made sure to include the things. And we're not judging. In select (currently unspecified) markets, collectors will be able to buy a version of the figure that comes with a bonus Aether accessory that looks like it could very well light up.

Sideshow has the basic Loki available for preorder for $229.99, and the Loki with Aether accessory for $239.99. Both versions of the figure are expected to ship in September.

You can take a look at the upcoming 1/6 scale Thor: The Dark World Loki collectible figure from Hot Toys below.



[Via Hot Toys]