With the Thor: The Dark World movie release date just around the corner on November 8, Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys have rolled out a close look at their full line of Marvel Minimates for the film. Originally previewed at SDCC 2013, the 2" Thor 2 figures come in the usual 2-pack configurations. Thor will come with the main movie villain Malekith, Loki will be packed with Heimdall, Dr. Erik Selvig will come with a Dark Elf, and Darcy Lewis will also be packed with a Dark Elf.

As far as accessories go, Thor and Heimdall come with their signature weapons, the Dark Elves rock swappable hands, Loki comes with his horned helmet and Dr. Selvig... comes with bare legs? What's this movie rated again?

All in all, it's a pretty fresh line. Thor, of course, has had about a dozen other Minimate incarnations and Loki's had about half that (including his lady form), but this line marks the first time the rest of the characters have hit this miniature market. It seems like somebody at DST has been paying attention to Tumblr, too, packing Loki with Heimdall. It's practically a match made in Valhalla for fans of actors Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba.

You can see all of the upcoming Thor: The Dark World Minimates below.



[Via Marvel]