For too long, the action figure world has been a lawless land of vagabonds, mutants and ne'er-do-wells. There's been no order out there on pegs or retail shelves. That will soon change however, as ThreeA is releasing the lawman of Mega City One to bring justice to toy collections everywhere. Continuing its line of 2000 AD figures, the ThreeA Judge Dredd will soon join Judge Death, Sam Slade, Gronk and Judge Fish. It's actually not the first Judge Dredd figure to release stateside, nor is it the first 1:12 scale action figure to debut this year, but the sudden resurgence of 2000 AD's enforcement officer in this format is welcome to be sure.

Inspired by the art of Carlos Ezquerra, Brian Bolland, and Mike McMahon, ThreeA's Judge Dredd looks as grumpy as ever in his signature Judge's uniform and helmet. The figure has been slightly stylized to give Dredd a bit of ThreeA's personality, but he's still unmistakably the bad-ass with a badge we've all come to know and respect (and fear).

While the figure will come with two different versions of the Lawgiver pistol and a daystick, the fabric uniform more than makes up for the lack of ample accessories. Then again, you don't really need a whole lot of weaponry when you're Judge Dredd. Dude just gets it done. Both weapons will look just fine when posed with the figure, which does come in a fabric uniform.

The real kicker is the Lawmaster MK1 motorcycle ThreeA's also releasing. Both the figure and the bike will be available separately, but if you're a super die-hard fan, a bundle set will be offered too. The battery-operated bike includes a few different lights and rubber tires, and is a different model than the one Mezco is releasing for its Judge Dredd One:12 Collective series.

ThreeA is going to be offering both Dredd and his bike in two different colorways, with a standard full-color version and black and white paint app to replicate interior pages from 2000 AD. The only way to get the bike in the Comic Book Edition is in the set, but if you're going in on that variant, you might as well go all the way in.

Pre-orders will open on Nov. 26 on ThreeA's Bambaland store. The Judge Dredd figures will be available for $65 each, with the Lawmaster setting you back $125. The colored set and the Comic Book Edition set are going to be $160 a piece.

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