I'm on record as being a guy who kind of hates Batman Returns, but if there's one thing I genuinely love about that movie, it's that a significant portion of the plot revolves around an army of actual penguins with rockets strapped to their backs. For that, it looks like I can thank Tim Flattery, a concept designer whose work includes Hunger Games, Daredevil and the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and who was also responsible for the look of Oswald Cobblepot's waddling artillery.

Over on his website, though, Flattery has revealed that the rocket penguins weren't the only members of the Penguin's weird little zoo -- he has designs for different kinds, including ones with spring-loaded boxing gloves (as seen above), and penguins armed with buzzsaw blades. Check 'em out below!Flattery's design for rocket penguins made it into the film, although I don't recall seeing Penguins with Destro-esque wrist (flipper?) missiles on the screen. I think I would've noticed, but they're kinda hard to see:

What didn't make it in were the other sinister waterfowl, including this hilariously deadly little guy:

And his compatriots, armed with hand (flipper?) grenades and what appears to be a lotto number machine:

In non-penguin designs, Flattery was also responsible for the look of the Batmobile in Batman Forever, and has a few alternate designs for that as well. I actually really like the bottom one, which hearkens back to the Golden Age:

Of course, the design that went into the movie was the more skeletal version:

For more, including designs from films like Spider-Man 2 and Back to the Future II and the documentary about the death of human boxing, Real Steel, check out Flattery's website!

[Via io9]

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