Those of you who are of a certain age (read: super old) may remember a time when action figures came with mini-comics, giving some bonus background that was a little more than the average file card. It's been a while since I've seen one of those pop up, but now, the Mini-Comics Included Kickstarter aims to return to those glory days, with the art of Hack/Slash's Tim Seeley, God Hates Astronauts creator Ryan Browne and more.

The catch? They're doing mini-comics for toy lines that don't actually exist.

Seeley's fascination with toy properties is pretty well-known already, and his Masters of the Universe-inspired Colt Noble and the Megalords is returning for this project. The other toy lines, though, are so good that it's actually starting to make me angry that they don't exist. I mean, Dracula Man protecting the city of Frankenvania and a four-armed gorilla named Fourilla are pretty awesome to begin with, but when you throw in the Literary Commandos and their bow-slinging Marksman Twain, I feel like my childhood has been seriously cheated.

In addition to the comics (which are also available in PDF for those of you/me who are worried about getting great stories at that traditionally unreadable tiny action figure comic size), the Kickstarter also includes prints, paperbacks, paintings and other, less alliterative things. If you put up enough, though, actual action figures will be involved.

Also, Seeley has included a drawing from his childhood:

What Kickstarter do I have to donate to to get that comic?

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