If you like your artwork with extra Batman nipples and melting action, Tina Lugo's got your hookup. She works with super-shiny materials such as enamel on plexiglass and plastic Mickey Mouse toys covered in questionable white substances. Be warned; if seeing Bruce Wayne and Mickey compromised positions straight out of a Tijuana Bible on LSD and Viagra, you may wish to avert your eyes (possibly sort of NSFW after the jump).In the scheme of things, what she's done to the Caped Crusader is probably no worse than the armor that Joel Schumacher gave him in Batman and Robin, though. See for yourself over on TinaLugo.com, where cartoons run wild doing things that are definitely not safe for Saturday morning network television.

She gives a whole new meaning to the term "splash page" with her gooey faces and giant lewd finger gestures. Even Astro Boy engages in some frisky behavior in Lugo's world, so enjoy, but enter her world without holding any hero sacred.

[Via Buzzfeed]