Are you currently fulfilled with the amount of comics starring sharks in your life? I didn't think so. Thankfully, that void in your soul is going to be filled this December with the revival of the cult British series Hookjaw by Titan Comics. The series once deemed too controversial for British newsagents is getting a 21st-century makeover later this year, courtesy of Si Spurrier, Conor Boyle, Giulia Brusco and Rob Steen.

Hookjaw --- or, as it was originally styled, Hook Jaw --- was part of the British anthology title Action, created by Pat Mills and John Wagner in the 1970s before they went on to create 2000 AD. The Hook Jaw strip combined Jaws-style shark violence with environmental themes, but was hugely controversial at the time thanks to its protagonist's tendency to eat people. Following protests, Hook Jaw and the other content in Action was toned down, and the book was eventually cancelled..


Hookjaw Preview Art - Conor Boyle


The new Hookjaw will be a five issue miniseries by Spurrier and Boyle, and is edited by Steve White, a legend in British comics and a bona fide marine life expert. In a press release provided by Titan, Spurrier mentioned how writing Hookjaw has long been a career goal:


"Social, complex, intelligent and exceptionally good at what it does, today's Hookjaw arrives like a shadow amidst a catalogue of zoologists, soldiers, spies and Somali Pirates. Every person involved thinks they're the hero of the story. They're all wrong"


Hookjaw #1 will be on sale digitally and in comic stores from December 2016, and is available to order from the October edition of Previews.


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