What did the Predator say to the otter? In all likelihood, it probably didn't say anything - it simply flipped up its shoulder-mounted laser cannon and blew the poor creature to smithereens. [Note: although unarmed, otters are considered very dangerous amongst Yautja circles for their boyish good looks.] But in an alternate universe, the Predator said something to the effect of, "Hey, Otter, let's join forces and have ourselves a baby, dig?"

Thus, the Predotter was born.

I wish I was clever enough to have thought of the Predotter concept on my own, and by the looks of things, Dark Horse Comics wishes they were that clever, too. The publisher's official Twitter feed recently linked to "You Otter Know," a mini-book from "Always Elwes" creator Aiyana Udesen providing readers with useful knowledge about all sorts of otters - like the Predotter and, naturally, the Terminotter.

Dark Horse, you guys have the licenses for "Predator" and "Terminator," yes? Well, what's stopping you from commissioning Udesen to expand upon the Predotter and Terminotter concepts? The comic book reading public would benefit tremendously from a one-shot focusing on these adorable monstrosities - so think about it, eh?

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