HeroesCon kicks off today in Charlotte, North Carolina, and along with a good chunk of the ComicsAlliance staff, one of the people I'm most excited about seeing there is Tom Fowler ("Mysterius: The Unfathomable"). As the amazing (and amazingly underrated) artist of last year's "Mysterius the Unfathomable" and a regular contributor to Comic Twart, Fowler's been doing some incredible work, but with convention season heating up, he's been posting some "sketches" (actually fully finished pieces of art) and commissions he's been doing on his website, and they are incredible.


I've gathered up a couple of my favorites, but fair warning: If you're already a fan who's commissioned a piece for HeroesCon and don't want to see your piece before the magical day when you hold it in your hands, there's a chance it might show up after the jump.


Captain America

Gorilla Man

Plastic Man

The Thing

Mysterius and Delfi

And my personal favorite of the bunch...

Robin and Wildcat

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