Earlier this year when DC Comics held its huge press conference/reveal for DC Rebirth, the publisher announced two titles with no information other than the titles and a promise for more soon. One of those titles was Justice League of America, which has since added a creative team in Steve Orlando and Ivan Reis, but DC had been relatively quiet about the future of its upcoming Super Sons title.

That is until yesterday at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast, when DC officially announced that the title would arrive next February as part of the second wave of Rebirth comics that also includes Justice League of America and the just-announced BatwomanPeter J. Tomasi will be writing the title --- which features the adventures of Superboy and Robin --- with rising star Jorge Jimenez handling the art.


Patrick Gleason
Patrick Gleason


Jimenez has been linked to the title for a while, with his character designs for Superboy released way back in April, but there hasn't been a concrete creative team announcement until now. It was rumoured for a time that Chris Burns and Dennis Culver would be co-writing the title, but there was never any official announcement from DC to indicate that this was ever the case.

There aren't many writers at DC better suited to Super Sons that Peter J. Tomasi, as he knows both characters well. His work on Batman and Robin was heavily focused on Damian --- and then the absence of him following his death --- and he is currently co-writing Superman with Patrick Gleason and Jimenez on art, which has been all about Superman's relationship with his son Jonathan and the young hero's burgeoning powers.

This November, Tomasi and Gleason's Superman #10 features a team-up between Superman, Superboy, Batman and Robin in what is billed as the first meeting of the Super Sons. It's likely the ongoing title in February will spin directly out of that story, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for if you're not already reading Superman.


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