Is $60,000 too high a price for what will almost certainly be the best work of a comic book artist's career? In some cases, perhaps, but surely not when it comes to Tony Harris. The co-creator and illustrator of some of American comics' most beloved titles, Starman and Ex-Machina, Harris is an artist whose craft has only improved with time, and he's ready to put all his knowledge and skill into a dream project that's been in development for more than a decade: Roundeye for Love. But he needs our help.

Check after the jump for Tony Harris' filmed pitch as well as stunning artwork from Roundeye for Love.

By this point you're no doubt familiar with Kickstarter, the fund-raising website designed to give artists and other creative people a platform with which to make appeals to potential patrons. Harris has taken to Kickstarter to make his case for the $60 grand, which he said will cover his page rate as he works for approximately two years to complete the 96-page graphic novel that he will write, pencil, ink and color himself (although Harris' production process is more complex than that, using models and directed photography shoots and more). Eventual publishing and promotional costs will be handled by whichever publisher picks up the project, which they've been unwilling or unable to do at this stage given market realities and the high risk associated with a project that requires so much upfront capital.

Like most Kickstarter projects, Harris is offering special incentives for those who choose to donate certain amounts of cash. A pledge of $25 or more earns the dedicated comics fan a credit in the printed book. A pledge of $200 or more will earn the backer an invite to an exclusive Roundeye launch party. A pledge of $400 or more gets you a signed copy of the book as well as personalized drawing. A special $2,000 retailer incentive gives that comic store a signing party with Tony Harris, as well as early copies of Roundeye.

As for the book itself, Harris describes Roundeye as a love letter to his wife, Stacie.

A mysterious , hulking white man known only as ROUNDEYE stumbles out of the jungle, and into the arms of a woman(Tulip) who is forbidden to all who know her. She is the wife of Roundeyes soon to be Master, Yoshitsuni, a fierce Samurai, who controls the region with an Iron fist and little mercy. Their cursed love affair produces a child that damns them both to fates they can't possibly imagine, ripping them apart and flinging their helpless souls to the farthest corners of the planet.

ROUNDEYE is left for dead, and his Tulip banished to a Brothel by her vengeful husband.

Yoshi, praying in his temple is approached by a Shinto underworld demon who offers him "SIGHT". An ability to "see" his opponents every move in battle before they make it, transforming Yoshi into an invincible and horrible man. His price? He must blind himself in return for the Dragons Claw, which contains it's eye, protected inside it's balled up fist. Yoshi, blinded, and able to see clearer than ever before amasses a blind Army of Samurai that ride the land wielding the Dragons Claw as their standard, unstoppable, and terrible.

ROUNDEYE is found by a retired swordsmith on the verge of death and nurses the Hulk back to health at the cost of his arm, which the Smith has replaced with an artificial limb. He gifts ROUNDEYE the last sword he created before retiring, and sends ROUNDEYE on a path to regain a love lost, twisting and turning on a blood-soaked road to the ultimate battle against Yoshitsunis unstoppable army, with the hope of reuniting with his Tulip.

For more details on Tony Harris and Roundeye for Love, and to pledge money to help get the book made, check out the project's Kickstarter fundraising page.

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