Here's a new twist on the crowdfunding future of comics: Producing a comic and then using Kickstarter to ensure that every issue of said comic will be available for free, both in print and digitally, for everyone who wants it. Sound like a crazy idea? Tell Marc Silvestri, who's planning on using that very model to relaunch his creator-owned Image series, Cyber Force.Explaining the plan to the LA Times' Hero Complex blog, Silvestri said that it's just another example of his studio Top Cow Productions' tendency to "think way outside the box... and not [be] afraid to stick your neck out and try something new":

While most everybody uses Kickstarter to fund a project in order to build it and then sell it, we at Top Cow are going to use the funds to build "Cyber Force" and give it away - for free! Plus we're not talking just one issue but five full issues of the comic. And it won't be free just digitally, but also as a full-color printed comic that will be available at any participating comic shop. So for people that want to read "Cyber Force" digitally - yes, including torrent sites - it's free. And for anyone wanting to hold a traditional comic in their hands to read it - it's still free.

The series will feature full art from Khoi Pham, working with Silvestri, who's acting as Art Director and providing concept art for the mini (Somewhat appropriately, considering the art-centric history of the series, while Silvestri is announced as co-writer on the project, his partner isn't named in the LA Times piece).

"Absolutely everyone we've told has had the same Keanu Reeves reaction: 'Whoa.' The support from the retail community has been outstanding too," Silvestri said when talking about the crowdsourced-free nature of the series' distribution. "We figure this is a great way to reward loyal comic fans plus get new people to get onboard reading comics and see what they've been missing. Plus it allows fans to actually get involved in the comic making process and be part of something truly groundbreaking that will help all of us that love the genre."

The Kickstarter for Cyber Force will presumably be launching soon, as the book is announced to appear this October.

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