Good news for those of you out there looking for good deals on great comics: Top Shelf announced today that it's launching into the publisher's massive annual sale, offering up virtually all of its pretty amazing catalog for as little as $1.00 for single issues and $3.00 for paperbacks. Basically, it's like one of those big ComiXology sales that we're always watching out for, except this time, you're actually getting physical objects. It's pretty rad.

According to the website, the reasoning behind the annual sale is to spread the word about their comics while also raising the money for a full rollout of next year's titles. The full list can be found at Top Shelf's Special Deals page, but we've helped narrow it down with some selections here.

Our curated roster of books below (which totals out to about $35, a pretty amazing deal) ought to be enough to get you started, but there's plenty more on the full list, including work by Alan Moore, Van Jensen, Matt Kindt and more!

  • 'We Can Fix It' by Jess Fink - $7.50


    I'm not usually a fan of autobiographical comics, but that's because most autobiographical comics aren't about using a time machine to both correct your past mistakes and make out with your younger self.

  • 'nfinite Kung Fu' by Kagan McLeod - $10


    A massive, epic tribute to kung fu movies like The Five Deadly Venoms that clocks in at over 450 pages, this was one of my favorite OGNs of 2011.

  • 'Chester 5000' by Jess Fink - $5


    Another great comic from Fink, this one's a beautiful hardcover that collects her romantic, erotic webcomic about a Victorian lady and the amorous robot that her husband makes to keep her occupied while he's doing science. Keep her occupied... with sex!

  • 'Superf*ckers' v.1 by James Kochalka - $3


    Okay but seriously, if you don't already have this book, what are you even doing not buying it for three bucks? It's Kochalka's foulmouthed, hilarious, gross-out take on the Legion of Super-Heroes, in which the teenage heroes actually act like real teenagers. By which I mean, They Are Awful To Each Other.

  • 'The Surrogates' v.1 and v.2 by Robert Venditti and Bret Weldele - $3 each


    The first comic written by Venditti, who would go on to be the current writer of Green Lantern at DC, takes place in a world where human interaction has largely been replaced by robotic "Surrogates," operated by users who never leave their houses. It's an incredible murder mystery, and it's easy to see why his career took off after.

  • Gingerbread Girl by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover - $3:


    This paperback collects the story that originally ran online as part of Top Shelf's webcomics initiative, and if you've read the award-winning Bandette, it will not surprise you that it's pretty amazing. It's very different from that book, though, focusing on a girl who believes she has a missing sister... who was extracted from her brain by her father, a scientist, and transformed into her identical twin.

  • The King by Rich Koslowski - $3


    One of the most underrated graphic novels of all time, The King focuses on how Elvis's return from the dead ends up founding a religion outside Las Vegas. I rarely see it in stores and assumed it was out of print and hard to find, but here it is for three bucks.

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