Square Enix went big -- and, it turns out, little -- this year at Toy Fair 2014 with a hearty display of upcoming DC Comics and Appleseed Play Arts Kai toys, plus a new line of DC Variant Static Arts Mini figures.

The freshest PAK faces seen at Square Enix's booth were 9.5" tall versions of Darkseid and Hawkman, along with additional new takes on The Joker and Harley Quinn. A number of never-before-seen Batman: Arkham Origins figures were also on hand, including video game takes on Batman, Joker, Robin and Deathstroke. Each of the figures comes with al of the swappable hands and weapons you'd expect, although the main DC Variant Joker's razor accessory is an especially chilling touch.

The biggest surprise was probably the Rorschach figure, which looks like a very nice toy by all accounts. In a post-Watchmen live action movie and Before Watchmen world, though, I'm pretty "Hurm" about it.

Appleseed PAK figures weren't such a surprise and were in fact a welcome sight. Masamune Shirow's art shines on the unpainted sculpts and the weapon accessories were plentiful without seeming daunting.

The unarticulated DC Variant Static Arts toys included Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, which all stood about 6" tall and had the bulk of a chunky designer toy.

All of the DC and Appleseed figures' prices and release dates were labeled "to be determined," which is probably a solid sign that it'll be at least late 2014 or early 2015 until they arrive at retail and online for something like $70-100 a pop.


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