Between its 6" articulated Voltron action figure, deluxe Voltron Force toys and massive 23" tall Voltron assembled from five sizable robotic lions and their 3.75" pilots, Mattel covered a number of toy bases while holding the brand's toy license through 2012. And yet, there was always a sweet spot defined by the Shogun Warriors and Trendmasters toys of the past that only Toynami ever seemed to truly rekindle. Now following up a 25th anniversary Voltron set from a few years ago, Toynami has returned to held defend the universe with an 11" tall diecast Voltron 30th Anniversary Collectors Set.

Currently available for preorder at Entertainment Earth for $225, with an estimated arrival date of February 2014, the die-cast metal action figure set includes the Blue, Red, Black, Green and Yellow Lions that combine to form up the Defender of the Universe known as Voltron. Once formed, the 11" tall figure can flash its light-up eyes and badge -- a badge that can also be used to activate sound features built into the figure's included display base. You're going to hear this thing roar like the lion(s) it is.

And what would a rad Voltron be without its signature Blazing Sword (in unblaze-d mode)? This toy will come with a nice shiny one, which is is befitting of any true Beast King GoLion looking to slay Robeasts.

Those seeking to gift the figure in time for the holidays can preorder from the official Voltron store, which will send giftees an exclusive holiday card promising the toy's February release signed by original Voltron Producer, Ted Koplar for $245.

You can get a closer look at the upcoming diecast Voltron goodness below.



[Via Entertainment Earth]