Not all comic book artists can claim to produce pencil work that is as interesting to pick apart (or more so) as their finished, colored pieces. Tradd Moore falls into that category, though. That's no knock against the colored art in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode at Image Comics, but if you've seen the Fin Fang Foom he drew recently, you know his penciled images are equally glorious to gush over.Moore's self-titled TraddBlog sports Foom and other fine creations, too, including Wolverine, Thor and Jubilee. His style has an organic feel to it, along the lines of Leinil Yu, but his figure also pack quite a bit of mass, similar to John Romita Jr.'s character designs. You might even see a little Phil Noto in Moore's Lion-O.

He also contributed to Udon's Mega Man tribute project, and as you can see after the jump, the result was was brilliant. Check out the skulls much, much more down below.

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