Ghost Rider --- Spirit of Vengeance, reckless driver, and the only character anyone's talked about on this season of Agents of SHIELD --- is back in his own comic thanks to Felipe Smith, Danilo Beyruth, and Tradd Moore, and we have an unlettered first look at the new series, courtesy of Marvel.

Ghost Rider #1 features two stories written by Smith: a crossover with the Totally Awesome Hulk, with art by Beyruth, and an introduction to a new enemy named Pyston Nitro, drawn by Moore.

The unlettered preview seems like the pages might not be in direct sequence, but they definitely convey the book's action-packed tone. Gabe Reyes, Robbie's little brother, is in the car eating ice cream when they run into a scary guy in the daytime. But he's gone (which is for the best) when Ghost Rider chases down that same guy at night and rescues some people from a box. Then there's a page featuring a muscular woman in polka dots and a dog mask stealing Robbie's car. I'm guessing that's Pyston Nitro, and she definitely has an interesting look.

Ghost Rider #1 is out November 30, and features a cover by Marco Checchetto.


Variant Cover by Tradd Moore
Variant Cover by Felipe Smith
Hip-Hop Variant by Felipe Smith
TV Photo Variant


Here's the official word from Marvel:

Start your engines, True Believers – because this one is a scorcher! That’s right, Robbie Reyes is back and he’s hitting the gas and driving straight for your local comic shops in the all-new GHOST RIDER #1! Robbie’s co-creator Felipe Smith (All-New Ghost Rider) is back to pen the ongoing adventures of this high-octane hot head and he’s bringing new series artist Danilo Beyruth (Deadpool v Gambit) along for the ride! A bizarre and powerful object has been unearthed in Southern California, and the mystery behind it has lead Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk right to Ghost Rider’s backyard! What chaos will be unleashed when this jade giant comes face-to-face with the ultimate speed demon? Plus – this oversized first issue also includes a special back-up tale from Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore featuring the debut of Ghost Rider’s newest nemesis! Who is Pyston Nitro, and what is her endgame?

Strap in and buckle up, because the ride is just getting started. Don’t get left in the dust when GHOST RIDER #1 speeds into comic shops everywhere on November 30th!