Last month, Marvel announced a whole slew of titles that fall under the new Marvel Now banner, but it seems one of them may have slipped through the cracks. Today, the publisher has announced a new ongoing Ghost Rider title once again starring Robbie Reyes as the flame-headed vengeance seeking anti-hero.

The new ongoing series sees Reyes' co-creator Felipe Smith return to the title, aided by Danilo Beyruth on art. Robbie Reyes' other co-creator Tradd Moore will also return to the title for a back-up story in the series' first issue, which is due this November.

Announced today via TV Guide, the new Ghost Rider ongoing series looks set to introduce Robbie Reyes to the Marvel Universe at large with promises of cameos and team-ups with the likes of The Totally Awesome Hulk and the All-New Wolverine, a character he is described as developing a kinship with as he seeks other teenage heroes in similar situations.

Robbie first appeared in 2014's All-New Ghost Rider, which was launched as part of the All-New Marvel Now initiative. A teenager living in Los Angeles, Robbie was killed when he came into possession of a hot rod packed with black market drugs but was resurrected by the soul of his Satanic cultist uncle Eli Morrow. At the end of the last series, Robbie and Eli made a pact that Robbie will sate his uncle's murderous tendencies, but only towards people that deserve it.

Robbie Reyes will also be making the jump from comics to television next year with Gabriel Luna playing the hero. However, Marvel's editor in chief Axel Alonso cites the timing as coincidental, and owing more to the availability of Smith as opposed to capitalizing on a future television appearance.

Ghost Rider #1 is due from Marvel Comics this November.


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