The Official Transformers Collectors' Club has opened subscription orders for its six-figure lineup of exclusive action figures for 2013. Those who pay to join the TFCC can opt in for Breakdown (Transformers: Universe), Circuit (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), Jackpot (Transformers: Animated), Scourge (Transformers: Reveal the Shield), Slipstream (Transformers: Prime) and Ultra Mammoth (Beast Wars) for a lump sum of $282 or for three installments of $94, plus shipping. The subscription works similarly to that of the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club, with figures shipping individually as they become available. The TFCC site currently indicates that the first figure in the bunch will most likely ship in January of 2013, though the concrete date is still undetermined. Members have until September 10 to mull over if they want to take part in the subscription, though there's a chance certain figures from the assortment may wind up in the TFCC's store at increased prices later down the line. You can take a look at all six TFCC subscription figures after the jump.