Mike Costa knows his Transformers. As one of the franchise's most prolific contributors (especially in comics), he knows a thing or two thousand about the robots in disguise (and their impossible-to-onomatopoeia-ize transformation sound).

Siebertron has a new interview with Costa, full of insights aimed primarily at hardcore TF fans, but one part in particular caught our eye. When asked to settle the debate over the existence of gender in the TF-verse, Costa had this to say:

"Gender definitely does exist. And where I stand on the fembot issue is this: A Cybertronian robot should have the right to marry anyone he or she desires, provided that they are consensual beings."

It's a bit of a dodge on a huge nerd argument, but it also sidesteps into a statement about gay marriage, an issue far more relevant to our own society/species/nation. We wonder if same-sex robotic unions would be as controversial on Cybertron as they are in America?

For that matter, have any Transformers gotten hitched, even in a "traditional" robot marriage?

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