The company that shocked and amazed comic fans the world over with Green Lantern "Glo Balls" and Flash "Flashcakes" this time last year is back for another round of stunning snacks. Behold Transformers fans, "Chocwave Shockwave" cupcakes and "Snoballimus" Optimus Prime Sno Balls. Timed to coincide with the September 30 release of Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, these snacks align themselves with prominent members of the evil Decepticons and heroic Autobots... in theory. Have you had a Sno Ball lately? I'm totally siding with the Decepticons here.As polarizing as Dark of the Moon was as a film (or perhaps I should say, as polarizing as Chris Sims' Dark of the Moon review was), it's nice to see Hostess getting in on the TF franchise. Sure, it might have been slightly cooler to see a transforming snack cake on the shelves -- one that, say, changes from a cupcake into a Sno Ball? -- but that technology would probably take years of baking research and development. For now TF fans will have to content themselves with clever packaging and color schemes applied to existing products.

Scope out the box art for Hostess' Chocwave Shockwave chocolate cupcakes and Snoballimus Optimus Prime Snoballs below:

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