Much like my colleague Chris Sims last year, I have recently become converted into a fan of the Transformers and now I can't get enough of the robots in disguise. While I'm behind somewhat from the current day, IDW's current Revolution crossover event is proving a perfect jumping on point and the publisher has provided us with an exclusive first look at John Barber and Andrew Griffith's Transformers: Revolution #1!

IDW's Revolution event is certainly heating up as the deadly Dire Wraiths are quickly posing a threat to the entire Earth and no-one is safe, not even the President of the United States! Luckily, former head of the Earth Defense Command, Marissa Faireborn knows just who to call to save the day.

Where I am in my reading of IDW's Transformers comics, I've yet to come across Thundercracker, but --- as I'm sure you'll agree by this preview --- any Cybertronian that also has a pet dog immediately shoots way up the list of best Transformers. If you haven't been following Transformers in recent years, you'll find all the fun, action and heart the franchise has come to be known for in the pages of this preview.

Check out the preview below:










Here's the full solicitation information:

Transformers: Revolution #1
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Marcelo Matere (c)
THUNDERCRACKER AND BUSTER SAVE THE WORLD! A DECEPTICON who wants to be a screenwriter. A dog who wants to, I don’t know, eat stuff and chase squirrels or whatever dogs want to do. A White House under siege by DIRE WRAITHS. And the phone call that brings them all together.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99