While I was impressed by the 24" stature of Hasbro's new Metroplex (a.k.a. the Transformer who turns into a friggin' city) this past spring at Toy Fair, the figure's sheer scale didn't quite sink in at the time. Maybe it was just me being surrounded by New York City's skyscrapers? Whatever the case, when the SDCC 2013 exclusive Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex arrived at ComicsAlliance HQ care of Hasbro this week, I was immediately convinced I'd have to buy the thing its own love seat to fit it in my apartment. It's, like, bonkers big.

I've never been able to secure my own G1 Metroplex or the Transformers: Cybertron version from a few years back, but this new Metroplex towers over my old Transformers: Armada Unicron and Cybertron series Cybertron Primus figures. When transformed, it spills off the sides of my kitchen table. It's fitting that it's the first of 30, well, 30th anniversary celebration items rolling out this year celebrating the TF franchise.

Available for $149.99 at SDCC's Hasbro booth #3329 this week (and at Hasbro's online shop afterward, provided there are any left), this version of Metroplex differs from the standard issue $125 version... if you can call a giant robot toy standard, anyway. The SDCC exclusive has not one but two blasters, chunks of metallic painted armor, chrome foil decals, a Legends-scale Scamper and a dozen flat-color PVC miniatures of 'bots like Optimus Prime and Megatron. Aside from a few differences in the colorways, this version's not unlike TakaraTomy's take in Japan (although there are still a few variations to consider if you're a hardcore collector).

You can behold the majesty of Metroplex below.