Like a lot of people, Trevor Henderson has a special affection for the monster movies from the late 1970s and 1980s. But when Henderson illustrates his favorite flicks, he focuses less on the heroes than the horrors, meditating on Videodrome's torso-VCR madness, They Live's gruesome alien invaders, The Thing's poor, infected pooch and Brain Damage's grey matter-sucking parasite. All the while, he plays with bright pinks and greens, creating trippy tributes to David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Frank Henenlotter and more.
A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Henderson continues to hone his illustrative skills by focusing on his monstrous passions. There's a certain folk art quality to Henderson's work, which lends some of his pieces a more mythological feel, as if instead of coming from movies, these monsters grew steadily out of urban legends: a flash of teeth spotted in the darkness or something slimy slithering down the drain. They're the logical result of growing up watching horror movies; certain moments get lodged in your brain at an early age are filtered through years of rewatches and half-rememberings until they become more myth than movie.

Henderson has more pieces at his portfolio site, and tons of movie monsters at his Feature Creature blog. He also sells prints and stickers of his creatures on Etsy.

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