How awesome art thou, Tron: Legacy, let us count the ways: we love your Marvel Comics Tron remix variant covers by Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson; we love Tron: Betrayal, your original graphic novel by Jai Nitz and Andie Tong with a cover by Jock; we love your Tron: Original Movie Adaptation miniseries by Peter David and Mirco Pierfederici with covers by Greg Land and Salvador Larocca; and we love your newly revealed, exclusive glow-in-the-dark poster of score composers Daft Punk as they appear in the film; we love the track "Derezzed," which you've just released so lovingly into the arms of YouTube; and we love, love, love MediCom's unreasonably cool Daft Punk toys.Indeed, anticipation for Tron: Legacy and its original Daft Punk soundtrack album reached a beautifully distorted synthy screech this week, when Disney released a mini-music video to "Derezzed," the first complete track we've heard from the score. While previous Tron score snippets have sounded like Daft Punk remixing Hans Zimmer, "Derezzed" is more familiar fare and could conceivably fit into a rousing DJ set at your neighborhood electro club.

Also released in recent days was a look at the glow-in-the-dark Daft Punk poster, an item exclusive to the deluxe edition of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which can be ordered on the album's official site. The poster is said to be "movie-size," which we assume means that of the standard one-sheet and not IMAX format.

Perhaps most awesomely, MediCom has added to their, um, legacy of Daft Punk collectibles with some new figures of the French house duo in Tron regalia. Available for pre-order now are a pair of Daft Punk Kubricks for ¥2,240 (or about $30 U.S.) and a couple of "Real Action Heroes" for ¥14,100 (or about $175 U.S.) each.

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