In a bit of an interesting twist on the celebrity-"creates"-a-comic-book trend that's earned its share of discontent here on the blogosphere, IDW Publishing is bringing some new writing talent to its True Blood comic in the form of an actor from its hit HBO vampire series source material (which, in turn, is based on the novels of Charlaine Harris). Known for his role as the vicious Reverend Steve Newlin, Michael McMillian will join comics veteran Marc Andreyko (Manhunter, Torso) on the second arc of IDW's True Blood, and together they hope to bring more of the spirit of the show to the comic book page. Which is to say, more ultra-violence and insane vampire doom sexing, all the things Trubies love most.McMillian and Newlin will be joined by artist Joe Corroney for a story that stars adorable vampire Jessica Hamby, who loses much of her charming naivety when she drinks a bottle of poisoned Tru Blood that makes her go all danger slut. The story will also feature the comic book debuts of more characters from the True Blood television series including Hoyt, Terry, Arlene and, naturally, Steve Newlin.

"Co-writing the 'True Blood' comic is a dream come true both as a performer on the show and as a longtime comic fan," McMillian said in a statement. "It's a real privilege to build on the rapidly growing 'True Blood' mythology."

"Marc and I are working hard to make sure the series feels like an extension of the show," he added. "'True Blood' fans should expect lots of action, gore, sex, humor and of course, awesome cliffhangers!"

Encouragingly, True Blood TV mastermind Alan Ball had some nice things to say about McMillian and Andreyko's work:

"We couldn't be more pleased with the amazing success of the comics and are excited that the release of the comic collection will make the series even more accessible to fans," series mastermind Alan Ball said. "Michael and Marc have done an amazing job with the second series, crafting a thrilling story that will leave Trubies wanting more."

IDW's True Blood book is not Michael McMillian's first comics project. The actor wrote Lucid for Archaia as part of a partnership with Star Trek star Zachary Quinto's production company Before the Door Pictures.

The new series of True Blood debuts in February with covers by J. Scott Campbell. The hardcover collected edition of the first series is available for pre-order now.

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