I'm going to tell you this right up front: This Nerdist video that presents a what-if scenario about the Waynes faking their deaths instead of really being killed in Crime Alley will inspire a lot of quibbles. You'll want to quibble with it like crazy. I know I did. Fight that urge, because it is genuinely funny.

Written by The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Ben Acker and Ben Blacker from a concept by Nerdist's Ben Mekler and Andrew Bowser (admittedly, a whole mess of writers for a three-minute video), the short features some great comic actors: Mark Gagliardi (Drunk History) as Bruce Wayne, Paget Brewster (The Venture Bros. and lots of other stuff) as Martha Wayne and Marc Evan Jackson (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Thomas Wayne.

Mr. Show's John Ennis gets the best moment as Alfred, though. Stick around for that.

To its credit, the video actually does a decent job of coming up with a scenario in which Thomas and Martha Wayne would fake their deaths, but I'm going to quibble. I can't stop myself: How on Earth could they owe more money than they could pay to a mob boss? The Waynes have infinite money. That's their entire deal.

Look, I'm sorry. Watch the video. It's funny.

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