Twisted ToyFare Theatre 10th Anniversary Collection coverOur friends at Top Cow have provided Wizard Entertainment with a 7 page preview of the new Twisted ToyFare Theatre 10th Anniversary Collection. This issue will be on sale July 25, 2007 at

Wizard Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Twisted ToyFare Theatre 10th Anniversary Collection, timed, in typical "Twisted ToyFare" manner, to celebrate the award-winning comic strip's 10 year and one month anniversary.

This amazing collection of satirical pop culture comic strips tells its hilarious stories using many of the most popular toys of the last few decades. With over 125 strips to draw from, this special anniversary collection includes over 250 pages of the funniest strips, coolest extras and most scintillating behind-the-scenes tales as told by the brave souls who lived through them-including the writers of Adult Swim's smash hit stop-motion cartoon Robot Chicken, who helped create "Twisted ToyFare" 10 years ago.

"10 years is an amazing accomplishment for any comic strip, especially one whose stars are all less than 9 inches tall and made of plastic," said Editor Zach Oat. "Nevertheless, we are very proud of "Twisted ToyFare Theatre" and we hope our fans love reading it as much as we love making it. And we hope they enjoy buying it as much as we love delicious pie."

The collection, which goes on sale July 25, 2007 at includes:

• The 25 Best "Twisted ToyFare Theatres" ever!
• Behind-the-scenes anecdotes about every strip!
• A brand-new, full-length "Twisted ToyFare" strip!
• Rare and never-before-seen material from the vault!
• New "Official Handbook of the 'TTT' Universe" pages!
• The best of Big Shots!

From the makers of Wizard Magazine, ToyFare Magazine is America's premiere publication on collectible toys. Eight collected volumes of its signature feature, "Twisted ToyFare Theatre," have been released so far by Wizard Entertainment, each one a best-selling trade paperback according to Diamond Comic Distributors.

Click the images below for a full sized preview.


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