Kanye West loves comics-inspired fashion and even has a book out that adapted his work to comics, so it's fitting that comics became a popular means for West's fellow users to critique his posts when he signed up for a Twitter account last week. In fact, after seeing how well his words go with a series of New Yorker cartoons that have been remixed and hash-tagged as #kanyenewyorkertweets, Condé Nast may want to consider offering him his own regular feature.

Augmenting the hip-hop superstar's thoughts on everything from taxes and jet sizes to suits, work ethics and fur pillows, some the final products that have emerged from this exercise actually wound up better than the sum of their parts. Flipping through them, you may even glean some practical business tips from Kanye's sage words.So celebrate the women of Stockholm, share in his struggle to find a Persian rug with cherub imagery and feast your eyes on a few of our favorites below.

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