There are few things in this fallen world that I love more than Homestar Runner, the web cartoon series that gave the world Strong Bad, Senor Cardgage and the Thorax Corporation. There are still phrases that I drop in conversation that originated there, and even though I've enjoyed seeing the creators move on to other projects, like Gravity Falls and the amazing Cosmic Scoundrels, I always hold out hope that we're going to get one more SBemail or a new cartoon about Decemberween.

I don't know if we'll ever get back to the heyday that was 2004, but in the meantime, we might just have the next best thing. Today, Disney XD debuted Two More Eggs, a new series of 40 short cartoons by Mike and Matt Chapman, alias the Brothers Chaps, airing both on television and at Disney XD's Youtube Channel. And if the first three are any indication, they're going to be exactly the kind of weird that H*R fans want to see.

The series launched with three increasingly bizarre episodes, as described by the official press release:


The premiere episodes are "Dooble - Dooblie Doo," where Dooble explores the world while singing his signature song, "CGI Palz - Theme Song," featuring Rotisserie, Rooty, Arlington, The Lenore Street Bridge and Pekot performing their theme song that explains computer-generated imagery, and "Hot Dip - Not 4 Momz," a commercial parody for Hot Dip, the latest snack food enjoyed by everyone except moms.



The press release also reveals that the Brothers Chaps' production company is called Citywide Hoop Champs Inc., which is amazing. More to the point, though, as someone who watches a lot of cartoons, I can confirm that Hot Dip --- Not 4 Momz is virtually indistinguishable from an actual snack food commercial.

New episodes of Two More Eggs will appear on YouTube every Tuesday throughout the summer.

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