The history of superhero comics, from a cultural and racial standpoint, can be troubling. Sometimes it seems like we've either barely learned from our mistakes, choose to ignore them, or instantly get defensive whenever anyone brings them up. Then there are people like comic book artist Ty Templeton, who do their best to remind us of our history through humor. In a recent cartoon, Templeton took a look at some of the more troubling characters from "a different time," showing us who decides when and how they should return.

To put the strip in context, here's what Templeton had to say on his site:

Now, it's always a good thing to aim for diversity in your characters, and to reach out to communities not well served by the biz in general. And with the Mandarin starring in the next BIG BLOCKBUSTER from Marvel, these sort of characters are always POSSIBLE for a re-vamp.

Please, turn out well. I like DC Comics and want good things for them.

And I'm waiting for the YELLOW CLAW to come back.

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