Following the success of its "Darkstalkers Tribute" art book and the current three-issue miniseries "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors," Udon Entertainment's bolstering its Capcom lineup with a new localization of Mami Itoh's "Darkstalkers / Red Earth: Maleficarum" video game manga this fall.

Anime News Network broke the news on Sunday, confirming Udon's plans to publish the Capcom manga stories this October. It's a kind of Capcom two-for-one for manga readers of both video game franchises.

This series is independent of Udon's current "The Night Warriors" line, as well as Viz Media's previously-released "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge" from 1998. Perhaps most importantly, though, it's independent from the hilariously awful '90s "Darkstalkers" animated series.

The manga should prove especially welcome for "Red Earth" ("Warzard" in Japan) fans as well given that the franchise hasn't seen a standalone video game outing since '96. Both "Darkstalkers" and "Red Earth" shared mutually gruesome pixelated violence in their heyday, meaning much of that could translate to the manga.

[Via ANN]

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