Despite the fact that he's currently between videogame titles as he awaits the 2.5D Mega Man Universe platformer, Capcom's blue bomber is experiencing something of a comic book renaissance in North America with an upcoming ongoing series from Archie Comics and a new English translation of the Mega Man Gigamix manga by Udon Entertainment.Illustrated by Mega Man Megamix artist Hitoshi Ariga, Gigamix picks up where Megamix left off, and condenses the stories of Mega Man games 3-5 over the course of three volumes.

As the sequel to Megamix, Gigamix retains the first series' all-ages action and casts many of Mega Man's foes in a more sympathetic light than the original NES adventures. In fact, many of the master bosses will team up with the hero to face a common threat within Gigamix's pages. Team work, man!

Check out Udon's preview images below:

[Via Udon]