The Ultraman who helped revive his space angel hero family members after being turned into action figures by a full-on "master of darkness" will finally become an action figure himself this summer as Ultraman Ginga joins Bandai's 6.3" tall Ultra-Act line.

With just 11 episodes and some specials, the relatively recently concluded Ultraman Ginga is one of Tsuburaya Productions' shorter Ultra shows. Airing between July and December of last year, the series celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ultraman franchise, which shaped the show's premise heavily. Each Ultraman series tends to tell the story of how nobel giant alien (think cosmic angel dudes and ladies who are all a family and live on a planet where everybody looks like a cool Silver Surfer robot) bonds with a human host -- usually to save their lives or out of some other necessity -- and they cooperate (transform from a guy into a superpowered giant wrestler who can fly and shoot energy blasts) to save Earth from alien kaiju. There've been many twists on the premise, resulting in both a shared universe of overlapping Ultraman series, plus numerous standlone TV shows, manga, movies and anime. Ginga references the shared universe, and sees the youngest member of the Ultra family bond with a young kid after the other Ultras are turned into dolls by a mysterious evil force. It's... kinda like DC's Captain Marvel-meets-Gokaiger-meets-Kamen Rider Fourze.

The Ginga figure will come with all of the Ultra-Act line's usual articulation, swappable hands and colored chest timer pieces, plus two effect parts that simulate the character's "Ginga Cross Shot" and "Ginga Saber" fighting techniques.

There've been a number of kid-focused Ultraman Ginga toys released in Japan already (including a McDonald's Happy Meal), but this is the first collector-focused figure on the market. It'll cost ¥4,104 when it arrives in Japan in June, and $37.99 at shops like Entertainment Earth when Bluefin Tamashii Nations brings it to America in July.

You can take a look at the Ultraman Ginga Ultra-Act figure in action below.




[Via Bandai]