Long before he started illustrating his own edition of "The Book of Genesis," R. Crumb was drawing the hell out covers for "Zap Comix," and he wasn't alone. Underground comics of the 1960s and 1970s became the amino acids that gave way to modern literary tomes like "Maus" and "Black Hole." In one of the best comics-centric Flickr sets you'll see this week, user mickey the pixel has assembled a big-time collection of classically seedy and simultaneously mind-blowing cover designs.

Ranging from Freak Brothers appearances and over-the-top pornographic situations to Conan the Barbarian parodies and mutant stalks of broccoli, this introduction to comix through covers paints a lively tour through the sinful behavior and eye-popping artwork that underground comics did so well.

Have a peek and you'll also be introduced to the inimitable drawing talents of creators like S. Clay Wilson, Warren Greenwood and Rand Holmes. Fair warning here, a few of the covers on Flickr will be NSFW, but they weren't intended to grace the kind of comics you can home to meet the parents. Nevertheless, we've prepared a totally SFW sampling after the jump so you don't have to take the ones containing nudity to meet your bosses and sensitive co-workers.

[Via Twitter @TimLeong]

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