With last month's release of "Mega Man 10" as a downloadable title on X-Box 360 still fresh in many gamers' minds, plus Udon's "Mega Man: Mega Mix" manga arriving in stores in late May, fans of the Capcom's most celebrated sidescroller have been privy to their share of official merchandise of late. Unfortunately for diehards, however, one of the raddest pieces of MM merch is nothing more than an unlicensed concept at this juncture.

Created by DeviantArt user Bmansnuggles, the unlicensed hoodie concept captures the Blue Bomber's robotic essence from helmet to iron buster. Sure, hoodie tech hasn't quite advanced to the point where this shirt could likley adapt the powers of a wearer's fallen robotic foes, but if there were ever a better reason to buy a few dozen of these in assorted color schemes, most fans might take it.

...I know I would.
[Via Fashionably Geek]

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