Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb. Pierre-François Bouchard found the Rosetta Stone. Now, Redditor sneakylawyer has discovered another one of the great archaeological finds of our time: A building in Ronse, Belgium full of Batman graffiti art.

The grafitti is the work of local artist Pete One, who seems to be really into Batman, but has also tagged walls with Daffy Duck and Michael Corleone.

The Batman art in an abandoned nursing school in Ronse covers Christopher Nolan's movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Batman: The Animated Series and plenty of art from the comics. Prominent examples include his Brian Bolland Joker pieces from The Killing Joke and a recreation of Jock's 2011 for the cover for Detective Comics #880 from he, Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla's “Black Mirror” storyline.

Pete One isn't just a Batman fan, however. The roughly 31-year-old artist has painted all manner of murals and other pieces in photorealistic detail in and around Belgium as part of his Ai-Lab crew.

Check out some Pete One's awesome Batman-related work below.
sneakylawyer Pete One Batman 3



[Via Reddit, io9]