The recent trend of creator-owned digital anthology projects is well documented, and now another name can officially be added to the rapidly growing list. David Lloyd, co-creator and artist of V for Vendetta, is launching his own digital imprint, Aces Weekly.While it's a project that's been hinted at for weeks now, more details of the anthology were recently revealed by editor Bambos Georgiou, and the list of contributors is nothing short of impressive. The creator list includes David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Steve Bissette, Colleen Doran, Dave Hine, Marc Hempel, Henry Flint, and more.

"Most comic companies use creators to make money for the company, this company has been set up to make money for the creators," says Georgiou. "The whole project has been funded by David Lloyd, who has commissioned the web site. This time readers will know their money is going direct to the creators."

Aces Weekly will be released as seven weekly issues, forming one volume. Each issue will be 18 pages, and contain at least three pages from six contributors, plus artist sketches and other extras. A break in publication will follow, before the next seven issue volume begins.

Aces Weekly will be exclusively available online. Readers will be able to subscribe at $10 per volume. All strips are creator owned.

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